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D Sire

ISBN 10 : 1523421002
ISBN 13 : 9781523421008

This is a story of a young woman who lost her innocence due to the a road not by choice but from conception. Between being raised by her grandmother who turned her head as she met ..

Green Vs Green

ISBN 10 : 9780415531276
ISBN 13 : 0415531276

Renewable and carbon-neutral energy have been promoted as the future of energy production in the United States. Non-traditional energy sources show promise as alternatives to fossi..

Turn Me On 100 Easy Ways To Use Solar Energy Large Print 16pt

ISBN 10 : 9781459620667
ISBN 13 : 1459620666

Presents an introduction to this significant energy source, including descriptions about topics such as solar ovens to sun-powered homes...

Linear Models For The Prediction Of Animal Breeding Values

ISBN 10 : 9781780643915
ISBN 13 : 1780643918

The prediction of producing desirable traits in offspring such as increased growth rate, or superior meat, milk and wool production is a vital economic tool to the animal scientist..

Linear Models For The Prediction Of Animal Breeding Values

ISBN 10 : 1845931025
ISBN 13 : 9781845931025

Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) has become the most widely accepted method for genetic evaluation of domestic livestock. Since its introduction, the method has evolved and d..

Whittemore S Science And Practice Of Pig Production

ISBN 10 : 9781405173537
ISBN 13 : 140517353X

The science and practice of pig production has changed rapidly over recent decades; new husbandry practices, new understandings of growth, reproduction and health, new appreciation..