Will Evans lives an ordinary life working and living alongside his best friend, Ted, inseparable since they were four. That doesn’t change when they both start seeing girls they’re absolutely crazy for. But Will’s situation is a complicated one. He wants something more than a physical…

Mutual Discovery At The End Of The Tunnel

ISBN 10 : 9781304521491
ISBN 13 : 1304521494

Racial conflicts, more than ever, are in full swing and stir up human relationships. However, Bernard and Marie manage to change their nascent hatred to harmony, mutual discovery a..

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Just Friends

ISBN 10 : 1530511518
ISBN 13 : 9781530511518

Publishing information taken from Amazon.com...

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ISBN 10 : 0691012237
ISBN 13 : 9780691012230

This volume fulfills the author's career-long reflections on radical otherness in literature. J. Hillis Miller investigates otherness through ten nineteenth- and twentieth-century ..

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The Concepts Of Life

ISBN 10 : 9781609767730
ISBN 13 : 160976773X

Filled with real-life experiences, The Concepts of Life reminds us all to take one day at a time as we travel down life's long and winding road. It teaches us that there are many t..

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Strangers In The House

ISBN 10 : 9781412835190
ISBN 13 : 1412835194

If present trends in divorce and remarriage continue, before the end of the century the stepfamily will outnumber all other types of family in the United States. In 1980 one out of..

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The Path Of Love

ISBN 10 : 9781460249208
ISBN 13 : 1460249208

The Buddha was a scientist. Instead of using a microscope or a particle accelerator, the Buddha used ESP. He had several psychic powers that allowed him to perceive in detail the p..

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Conglomeration Of Feelings

ISBN 10 : 9780759664500
ISBN 13 : 0759664501

A book for any generation and all walks of life, Conglomeration of Feelings rings the bell of emotional trials and answers the call of the heart. From the deepest well of internal ..

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