It’s the late ninth-century, and the kingdoms of modern day Scandinavia are rising to power. To escape the brutal conquests of a powerful chieftain, a clan fled to Iceland. After years of battle training, they are ready to sail home to Norseland and face their enemy. Seventeen-year-old Livvy,…

Dare To Dance Again

ISBN 10 : 9781426971341
ISBN 13 : 1426971346

• Are you in pain? • Do you live in fear? • Do you feel overwhelmed? • Has life tripped you up? This book is a spiritual guide to give you hope—and to help you get back o..

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The Seafarer S Kiss

ISBN 10 : 1945053208
ISBN 13 : 9781945053207

After rescuing the maiden Ragna, mermaid Ersel realizes the life she wants is above the sea. But when Ersel's suitor catches them together, she must say goodbye or face brutal just..

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Daughter Of Venice

ISBN 10 : 9780375890079
ISBN 13 : 0375890076

In 1592, Donata is a noble girl living in a palazzo on the Grand Canal. Girls of her class receive no education and rarely leave the palazzo. In a noble family, only one daughter a..

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The Speeches In Vergil S Aeneid

ISBN 10 : 9781400869466
ISBN 13 : 1400869463

In the Aeneid men, women, gods, and goddesses are characterized by the speeches assigned to them far more than by descriptions of their appearance or behavior. Most of the speeches..

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